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Mid 2000s saw the beginning of the Roadblock Dub Collective. At that time, Iday & Sam settled in the same residence for their work at a local production house in the city of Tanjungkarang (Lampung). They had previously known each other, as fellow musicians from the Lampung scene. Iday is one of the founders of “Pimps,” the first Industrial outfit in Lampung. Together with “Pimps” he had released an album titled “Set Lampung on Fire!” in 2000. Meanwhile, Sam previously was a member of “Shooter Water,” Rocksteady-Ska music unit that is part of the “Pelita Crew” (one of the melting pots for many Lampung musicians in the late 1990s) and he released an album called “As Steady As A Rock” in 2001.

Roadblock Dub Collective was born after they used to share playlists between their working hours. Also shared insights into music production as part of their current job. Starting from the use of software, to the flow of a composition. They had released several bootlegs and remixes which were often played by local DJs at that time. Until 2009, they released their first single “Youth Culture“. A single that later brought them connected with many electronic music and Jamaican sound scenesters in the country.

The single “Youth Culture” itself indirectly encouraged them to have more intense interactions with several bedroom electronic musicians/producers in Lampung. Collectively, they often hold sets of electronic shows in various places, from music workshops at school to headliners at the biggest rave in Lampung at that time, The Beats Of Sumatera.

Having been on hiatus due to Iday & Sam moving out to different cities, Roadblock Dub Collective has just re-released their works “Mukadimah” (2015), and “Rua Jurai Echoes” (2016) for free and limited. Having held an independent mini tour in 2017, they released “Dutty Bizness” with InBassion Recs (Bass music label from Bogota, Colombia).

At this moment, Roadblock Dub Collective often shares the stage with many Indonesian dub acts, including Anjing Dub, Baxlaxboy, Mantasticmate, Radit Echoman and Yella Sky Sound System. Together with these names they were also involved in a various artist album project; “Nusantara Dub Connection” in 2019. In this project Roadblock Dub Collective released “Intercity Dub“. Then, in June 2020, they released the single set “Sepinggungan/Russ” a collaboration with Terranova Waksman and Oddateee, a release supported by 100ribu recs. Still in the same year, Roadblock Dub Collective was involved in other various artist album projects. This time a project initiated by “Echo Chambers (one of the oldest reggae radio shows in the United States) in collaboration with Dandada Records, a cutting edge dub music imprint from Portugal. In the project “Echo Chamber – Around The World In Dub Vol 11 & 12“, Roadblock released “Puaghi 45” along with many Dub acts worldwide. The end of 2020, they released their first “Dub Poetry” series; “Dubrüderschaft – Series 1” featuring Bayu Widodo and Yedijah Roots. In March 2021 they did another single, “Vibe Up” a collaboration with Philippines songstress; Lady I. Recently, they just released their new “Suwarnadub EP” alongside diverse outernational dub imprint from Cyprus, Dubophonic Records in December 2021.