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1Roadblock Dub Collective & Lady I - Vibe Up

Vibe Up

Vibe Up has something to do with making connections and telling our brothers and sisters to big up yourself for surviving this pandemic because Jah is always there to guide and protect us

Lady I

Releases March 8, 2021

Vocals & lyrics by Lady I
Vocals recorded at Tiaonggubat (Tiaong, Philipines), engineered by Silent ‘erb
Music recorded at El Jardín de Limonada (Jakarta, Indonesia), engineered by Yulius Samiaji
Written & arranged by Yulius Samiaji & Hidayat Surodijoyo
Mixed & Mastered by Hidayat Surodijoyo
Produced by Roadblock Dub Collective
Artwork by Nugroho Arif Prabowo